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Industrial alcohol is distilled ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH), normally of high proof, produced and sold for other than beverage purposes. It is usually distributed in the form of pure ethyl alcohol, completely denatured alcohol, specially denatured alcohol and proprietary solvent blends.

Pure ethyl alcohol is used in laboratories and in industry for its sanitizing, cleaning and solvent properties. Many medicines, food products, flavorings and cosmetics could not be produced without it. It is used to process vaccines, compound tonics, syrups, tinctures, liniments and antiseptics as well as being vital in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals such as chloroform, atabrine and barbiturates. It is used in the production of adhesives, cosmetics, detergents, explosives, inks, hand cream, plastics and textiles. There are literally hundreds of products and uses for this chemical.


Alcohol (95%) I.P.

This product may be obtained by the distillation and rectification of fermented mash, or by means of chemical synthesis. It may not be used in the preparation of alcoholic beverages. It may be denatured by the addition of some foreign substances (such as pyridine-base compounds), which make it unfit to drink, and which cannot be removed readily by physical, chemical or mechanical means.
(a) Appearance: Clear, colorless and transparent.
(b) Odor and taste: Having the odor and taste characteristic of this product.
(c) Miscibility in water: Completely miscible in distilled water.
(d) Chemical compostion:  

Specification of Rectified Spirit (Analytical)

Sr.No. Parameters Unit Minimum Maximum Test Method
Alcohol content °Gay Lussac @ 15°C 90 - INEN 340
Total acids, as acetic acid mg/100 ml anhydrous - 3 (30 p.p.m) INEN 341
Esters, as ethyl acelate mg/100 ml anhydrous - 20 (200 p.p.m) INEN 342
Aldehydes, as acetaldehyde mg/100 ml anhydrous - 3 (30 p.p.m) INEN 343
Furfural mg/100 ml anhydrous - 3(30 p.p.m) INEN 344
Higher Alcohols mg/100 ml anhydrous - 10 (100 p.p.m) INEN 345
Methanol ml/100 ml anhydrous _ 250 (2500 p.p.m) INEN 347

Packing : HDPE Barrels of 245 liters
    26000 liters ISO Tank
Shipment Size : 25MT per Container and bulk carrier
Minimum Order : 19600 liters for  HDPE Barrels  or 26000 liters for ISO tank