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Isopropyl alcohol is classified as being a secondary alcohol, meaning that the carbon atom that makes up the alcohol component is bound to two other carbon atoms. As such, isopropyl alcohol can be reduced by oxidation, which, in this case, yields the solvent acetone. Although isopropyl alcohol is made from combining water with propylene, it can be easily separated from its water constituent though a process called salting out. This involves the addition of an organic salt, such as sodium chloride.

Although isopropyl alcohol is commonly used in the home as an antiseptic for cuts and scrapes, it is not a harmless substance. For one thing, it is highly combustible in the presence of high heat or an open flame. It can even explode when exposed to air or light due to the formation of peroxides. It is also now recognized that isopropyl alcohol is readily absorbed through the skin and may have harmful systemic effects. Isopropyl alcohol is highly toxic and may even be fatal.

Since isopropyl alcohol is a solvent, it has many uses as a cleaning agent, providing safety precautions are observed. For instance, computer users know the value of this substance in removing dirt from hard to reach areas, such as between keys on keyboards and on mouse wheels. In fact, since it evaporates almost immediately, there is little risk of shock or damage to electrical components. Isopropyl alcohol also removes stubborn glue residue, as well as dried ink. Music shop owners commonly give new life to used vinyl records by wiping them with a soft cloth moistened with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.

International Quality
Isopropyl Alcohol will be manufactured using the direct hydration process, which is an extremely efficient and environmental-friendly process. It produces a sparkling colorless product of high purity with no undesirable or by-product formation. The product will meet International Standards for use in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, specialty chemicals and other critical applications.

Indicative Specifications
Properties Specifications Test Method
99.7% to 99.9% W/w
12 PPM W/W Max
Is 517 1986
Water Content
650 PPM W/W Max
Astm D 1364
Miscibility with Water
Astm D 1722
Acidity as Acetic Acid
10 PPM W/W Max
Astm D 1613
Color Hazen Units
10 Max
Astm D 1209
Distillation Range
81.5 to 83
Astm D 1078
Specific Gravity @ 25oc
0.782 - 0.784
Astm D 8

Packing : HDPE Barrels of 245 liters
    26000 liters ISO Tank
Shipment Size : 25MT per Container and bulk carrier
Minimum Order : 19600 liters for  HDPE Barrels  or 26000 liters for ISO tank